Toys Supporting japanese food culture

Uogashi(riverside fish market)started in early Edo period. Seafood
caught from fishing areas in Tokyo Bay began to be
sold at the market near Nihonbashi Bridge. Many years later, in 1923,
the Central Wholesale Market Law was established,
and "Nihonbashi Uogashi" was born as an official market. And in 1935,
the Tokyo Metropolitan Central Wholesale Market,
with an area of 220,000㎡, was opened in Tsukiji. Over 70years
have passed since then, and it is now Japan's
representative market. Toyosu Market receives about 4,000tons of fish
and vegetables per day, and especially as a fish
market, it is proud of its largest scale in Japan. In the early
morning, people not Tokyo but also from neighboring cities
and towns come to the markets, seeking fresh seafood carried from fish
landing ports and production areas in various
place, and the filled with energy from very early morning. From Edo to
today's Tokyo. Uogashi "Toyosu" has supported
and created Japanese food culture.




To the customer who newly hopes for an overseas shipment


Yamaharu is a long-established fish dealer inside the Tsukiji and Toyosu
riverside fish market, dealing in 240 varieties of fish and
seafood, from fresh fish to frozen commodity. The sea food is not only
shipped to other areas in Japan but also to overseas
including primarily Asia as well as U.S.A., Oceania and other areas.
Under cooperation with Nakamura Air Express Co., Ltd.
and International Express Co., Ltd. who possess strong past
achievements, Yamaharu has established various  routs to ship
fish and seafood in top condition.In case of shipment to the overseas,
prior registration and arrangements become necessary.
Please feel free to contact Mr. Kaneda for any inquiries..


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Metropolitan Central Wholesale Market
6-5-1 Toyosu Koutou-ku tokyo 135-0061


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